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Ben Ullings, handmade wooden boats

You are looking for a wooden boat.

A rowing boat, sailing boat or a combination of the two.

And you want a boat which is completely built the way you want her to be.

In that case you might want to spend some time visiting my website.

I am a professional builder of wooden boats.
Boats with classical lines but built to modern standards.

My wooden boats are handmade and I only build boats that are ordered.
This way I can build the boat you want.
My favourite designers are Francois Vivier and Iain Oughtred, but I also build boats from other designers.

Repairs and assistance
Of course I do repairs and restoration too.
Maybe you have started building your own boat and need help.
Maybe you have plans to build your own boat, but you are looking for someone to build the hull.
If you are looking for assistance in any way, don’t hesitate to contact me.