If you love:

  • To row or to sail
  • To sail with or without a motor
  • To sail on a small lake or the sea

There is always a design that fits you

Building the modern way makes boats much lighter than in the old days.

This gives you the advantage to use a trailer and to sail anywhere you want.

Maintenance is minimal for these modern wooden boats. Just put her in a shed for the winter and when spring is finally there, pull her out and go to the nearest water to enjoy your first sailing day of the season.

My favourite designs are:

Seil 18a fast sailing boat with good rowing performance
Ilurthe perfect daysailer
Acorn 15a beautiful rowing boat with the possibility to sail
Morbic 10brave little tender
Jewella fast and comfortable cabincruiser

 Of course you can order any design.

For instance the designs of Francois Vivier.

If you are looking for a wooden boat that fits your personal demands, I will be happy to assist you with your choice.

You can call me or send an email but it is much nicer to visit my boat shop.

You are welcome.