Ilur was designed after Aber, in order to get a larger boat, able to family day sailing.

She can be used for fishing and even coastal cruising. Two Ilur have been to Ile of Sein, at the extreme West of France, one of the worst places to go with tremendous tides and the worst sea conditions. However, do not consider this as an invitation to go there!

Length was increased by 20 cm only, but Ilur is mostly wider and higher, with a generous freeboard.
This makes it a very different boat, with good seakeeping ability, but still in the “sail and oar” spirit.

Its superior quality makes Ilur the best-seller plan from Francois Vivier.

If you have to choose the best boat for your intended use, just notice that Ilur is not an easygoing rowing boat compared to other sail and oar designs.

She is mainly intended for sail, oars being used when wind is falling or to reach some narrow inlets. However, the clinker version is lighter and rows well.

The dagger-board was initially preferred in order to give room for crew. It is now replaced by a pivoting centerboard and a low centerboard case, which is not at all cumbersome. Many other improvements are continuously brought. As an example oars may be stowed under the floorboards, leaving a free cockpit when sailing.

Ilur was designed at first with the simple lugsail in the Breton style.

A lug sloop rig is now proposed and is a valuable option.

A balanced lug rig(lugsail with boom) is another option, interesting for river or single-handed sailing.

Construction is either strip planked or plywood clinker.

Technical data

Ilur is suited for the use of an (electric) outboard motor up to 6 Hp.

Length 4,44 meter, Breadth 1,70 meter, Draught 0,25/0,86 meter.
Weight 300 kg. Sail area 12,2 m2.

Standard € 17.500,-  and Luxury € 18.500,-
Ordering a Casco will save you up to € 2000,-.
Do you want to finish the building yourself? That is also possible and starts at € 9500,-.
Of course it is possible to have Ilur built in your personal version.

Photo’s Holland
Photo’s France