Finishing your own boat

Is it possible to finish a boat myself? Yes you can.

Building a boat completely by yourself can be to big a project.

Sometimes it is a matter of lack of time, sometimes people think they miss the skill to start such a big project, there may be a lack of a suitable workspace, you name it.

The solution
A possible solution is to have me build the hull and that you finish it yourself.
You can therefore choose between two packages, standard and luxury.

The advantages:

  • You spend less time building.
  • The hardest work is taken off your hands.
  • You save a significant amount compared to a finished new boat.

In addition:

  • You are already on the road.
  • It stimulates that the final result is already visible.
  • You still have the proud feeling that you have built your own boat.

The best of both worlds
Many boatbuilding initiatives are ever stranded prematurely because of technical problems or the time it takes to make a good start. Often after much money has been invested in wood, epoxy, plans, tools, etc.
The fun is really no less if you choose to restrict to finishing.

The type of boat and the materials used are to be agreed in advance. For example, it is very important to know before the building starts whether the boat will be varnished or not.

I provide no kits, but offer the best of both worlds.

What do I get?

  • The package for the boat that you are going to finish consists of:
  • The hull, including the centerboard case but without the gunwales.
  • All the necessary wood planed in the right dimensions and of sufficient excess length.
  • Epoxy resin and fasteners. Drawings and building instructions.

If you want, we can provide you with the sail and fittings in a version of your choice.
And if you don’t want to make the mast and other spars yourself, I can make them for you at an additional charge.
Moreover, it is reassuring to know that you can always call on me after delivery for technical advice.